It won't be the first time a shark will have surprised an Australian sportsman.

Bring on the best!

BY HUGH TUDOR-FLUTE JR. Three losses in a row. So what? Did you know that in the last 7 years, no-one


So long, suckers!

BY HUGH TUDOR-FLUTE JR. I know, I know. You’re all still gobsmacked at how the mighty Sharks managed to lose to the flash-in-the-pan


Come get some

BY HUGH TUDOR-FLUTE JR. So, here comes the pride of Lions before the fall. I must say, it’s good to



BY HUGH TUDOR-FLUTE JR. If you were able to hear anything over all the Stormers fans whining, you might have


Never in doubt

BY HUGH TUDOR-FLUTE JR. Don’t let the score of 19-15 fool you. Last week, we smashed those Argie boys. Smashed


Jealousy makes you bitches

By Hugh Tudor-Flute Jr. I don’t care how silly the Kings are. Anyone that says the Sharks weren’t anything but


It’s coming home

By Hugh Tudor-Jones Sr. Sharks fans, relax. In 2016, it’s coming home. That’s right. After 20 years in the tournament